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Staff Application Example
Hi this post is just a fake application i made as a example to show that you need to include as much detail as you can. this will help you have a better chance at getting accepted, if you just put one sentence responses it wont have a very good chance of getting accepted at all. So please use this as a guide... thank you  Smile

Skyworlds Application Example / Guide 

Minecraft Username: JazzyPlayzYT

Do you have Discord? Yes my discord is Jazzy#6978

Do you have a Microphone? Yes

Your Timezone: My timezone is AEDT (Australian Eastern Day Time)

How many hours a day can you be online?  I can be active around 5-6 hours weekdays and 8-10 hours weekends.

Are you able to record on the server, If so what software do you use? I use OBS to record

What languages can you speak fluently? English

Why should we pick you over anyone else?
I believe that I would be a great addition to the staff team because I am a very outgoing, dedicated and hardworking person who is willing to put a lot of time into things i’m working on. I’m very easy to work with and get along with people very easily. I am very mature and professional when it comes to handling situations whatever they may be. I also have quite a bit of experience with being staff on servers and being staff on discords, I also have experience with Screen Sharing people with Anydesk so i’m able to check players for any hacked clients / banned mods they may have.

Do you have any past experience at being staff? Please explain if you do
Around the end of 2016, I had the opportunity to become staff on CoolCraft which i was admin on, which lasted about a month but never was fully released due to lack of funds.

Then I moved on to Skyworlds in late 2017. I found Skyworlds through it getting advertised on another server i played, It looked like a cool skyblock server so I applied on September 17 and got accepted the next day. This was my first real taste of being a staff member and being able to help players out with whatever they needed and I enjoyed it so much. A month later i was promoted to Moderator which allowed me to now watch players and be able to punish people who were breaking the rules. This server was definitely the server which i learnt a lot about being staff generally with watching players, learning how to punish players that were breaking the rules with the right punishments and the right time frame, learning that i had to remain calm with any players to avoid any unneeded drama / situation. But on December 1st 2017 Skyworlds merged with a different server owned by the same person who owned Skyworlds.

UniverseMC was the server that Skyworlds merged with so i joined that server already being a moderator and it was a lot different than i was used to on Skyworlds, UniverseMC had 4 gamemodes which all staff had to moderate, those gamemodes was Skyblock which i was used to then it also had Factions, Prisons and KitPvP which were all gamemodes which i have never really played on since I was only really a skyblock player so i had a lot adjusting to do with learning a lot of new rules for all these gamemodes i wasn’t used to but i managed and got the hang of it very easily. This server was also my first time experiencing and learning what is screen sharing and learning how to screen share on Anydesk, though I didn’t do this much on this server because when I was taught it was very rushed and was never followed up on like they told us it would be so I would record everything when i was online so i would have all the proof i needed to be able to punish players accordingly. In February 2018 I was promoted to Sr.Moderator but none of my jobs were different besides the fact i could now ipban players. On March 1st 2018 I was demoted from this server due to the fact i was inactive for a week and wasn’t given a second chance.

During my time on UniverseMC came Dawnlight Network which i found through one of my friends who was the Owner of the server, the server was still in development so i was given Sr.Admin on January 20th 2018 since the Owner has watched me be staff on UniverseMC and knew i was very capable of dealing with players and that i would also handle situations the best way possible and always provide proof if needed.
Since the server was still in development i helped out a lot with server testing, creating warps, doing some of the staff permissions, helping with the server ranks, building some of the warps like the staff room to name a few. A month later I was promoted to Manager but my jobs didn’t change much since the server was still in development but some new things i helped with was sorting out the staff requirements and accepting and denying staff applications.
So a month goes by and im promoted to Co-Owner so i had most of the same jobs but i started running staff meetings every 2 weeks, changing around the staff placements, demoting and promoting people, I was a lot more involved.
My Co-Owner didn’t last long due to the fact that the Owner decided to leave his server to focus on UniverseMC which he was only Moderator on, so he gave me Ownership of the server and discord which was scary at first cause I never thought i could run a server but I slowly adjusted and i think i have a really good understanding now of what goes into a server and how much dedication, money and hard work it takes to keep a server alive.
Shortly after I gained Ownership of Dawnlight Network the server was finally released and we had about 30-40 players on release which was pretty good for a brand new server. I am currently still the Owner of Dawnlight Network.

The last server I was staff on was TheAsylumMC which I joined through our Developer on Dawnlight Network and I was given Manager. But this didn’t last long due to a issue between the Owner of Asylum and the old Owner of Dawnlight so the server was never released due to lack of funds.

Discord Experience
Olympus Gaming - Moderator
Skyworlds - Helper - Moderator
UniverseMC - Moderator - Sr.Moderator
Dawnlight Network - Sr.Admin - Owner
Discord Houses - Admin - Sr.Admin
Gaming Lounge - Admin
Voxel Designs - Support Team
The Kindle - Admin

I think that’s everything thing you need to know about me and why i believe i would be a good staff member on skyworlds. Thank you for taking the time to read my application, let me know if i need to change anything about it. 

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